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Won't  it cost more to outsource my billing to you rather than pay a billing specialist or billing staff?

No, not necessarily.  Paying 1 person or several employees plus benefits, vacation time, sick days, and other fees associated with having employees can actually cost you more than paying my company for these services.

Will it interrupt my practice cash flow when you transition my account over to your billing service?

We have transitioned many accounts over with little or no interruption to their cash flow and will do everything possible to ensure your account is transitioned without interruption.

I am worried because you are a small business, how can I be sure my practice is in safe hands?

Our company is fully insured and because our company is small, we offer more hands on and personalized services so your practice doesn't get lost like it can in a bigger company. We also have satisfied clients old and new who can speak on behalf of the services we offer.

How do I know if your company knows what they are doing?

Everyone who is part of this company has over 20 years experience doing claims processing and experience in the medical field.  Our team keeps up with all the changes  to ensure claims are being processed in a accurate and timely manner. 

What benefits can my practice have by outsourcing my billing?

Pulling the billing out of the office not only frees up your office staff so they can focus on patient care but allows you to free up additional computers, office space and eliminate billing calls to your office.  

Our experienced team has the resources and time to monitor problems and effectively address issues as they arise. This is all done without interruption to your everyday office function.

Do you charge the same percentage for everyone?

No, we base our percentages on a lot of factors so we can give your practice the best price possible.

How will I know how things are going with charges, payments, claims, etc each month?

We give you a detailed practice analysis report that tells you exactly how much each insurance company has paid you, patient payments received, charges posted , adjustments taken, and this is done per provider and location as well. With this report you know exactly where your billing stands.

Can you ensure every claim will be paid?

No, not even in  a perfect world can you get every service paid for because of multiple factors involved with patient benefits, insurance laws, and reimbursement guideline changing all the time. We can however ensure the claims that should be paid are sought out and recovered for payment.

Isn't it cheaper for me to do my own billing?

We have found many physicians or therapists who try this on the own find it very overwhelming and time consuming to handle this process alone. Not knowing the requirements of  what is needed for each insurance company only adds to the process being a lot more difficult.

Why are you only providing training to Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas?

Because we feel its important to meet face to face with our clients on a regular basis to ensure communications and procedures are being followed. We also want to answers any questions or resolve any issues that your office may be having. 

How can I get more information about your services without any obligation?

Contact us for a Free Consultation either by calling, using our contact form or email. We would be happy discuss your situation further and offer suggestions to you of how we can help you make your billing  and credentialing problems a thing of the past.